March 2016 round-up

Well, that’s a quarter of 2016 out of the way, and as another month slinks off, it’s time for this.


Still not going according to plan.

March 1: 223 pounds (15 stone 13 pounds, 101.2 kg)
March 31: 226.8 pounds (16 stone 2.8 pounds, 102.9 kg)

That’s another annoying rise of 3.8 pounds (1.7kg). Not as bad as last month, but not good at all.


It has been known.


The shoulder may have calmed down a bit, but know I’ve got a foot that really doesn’t like me walking anywhere, so there hasn’t been a lot of that going on.


March’s total is a positively low 33.


Not a lot. Haven’t been able to get out and do much, but I have been working my way through a pile of Blu-rays that have been hanging around for a while. Reviews may follow at some point. And I have a new project in mind…