aText: Replacing TextExpander

Well, having muttered about TextExpander (twice), I decided I might as well have a look for some alternatives…

There’s a handy comparative review article thingy at Macworld, which led me to have a look at the remarkably low-priced aText, which looked like it might do the job. There are more sophisticated tools, but all I need is some simple expansion. The ability to sync with Dropbox and to import from TextExpander were the only other features I cared about, and aText had those.

So I downloaded the trial, copied the app to my Applications folder and launched it. And OMG. No, really. Did I have to jump through hoops to import my TextExpander data? Nope. It just found them for me and presented them as available for use. I had to edit a few that include dates, as it uses a different format for those, but that took just a couple of minutes. And the sync? Yeah, just tick a box. And I can see that’s in my Dropbox, so that appears to work.

Given the cost, I’ve bought it – including VAT it came to £4.35 (or about three months of TextExpander…).

I’ve disabled TextExpander and I’m now running with aText. I’ll try it on the MacBook next…

If I run into any problems, I’ll mutter about it here. Otherwise, assume it works.