TextExpander: Some Reason to Smile?

Just a few days ago, I muttered about Smile’s cunning plan for the future of TextExpander. Well, I wasn’t the only one muttering, and it seems there were enough mutters to make Smile have a bit of a rethink[1].

For a start, you will still be able to buy the old v5, which syncs via Dropbox and iCloud. It will continue to be supported (but, quite reasonably, with no indication of for how long).

Current customers can now get the subscription with a 50% lifetime discount (up from one year) taking the annual cost of using TextExpander 6 to a more reasonable $20, which as they say, is in line with previous upgrade pricing.

And this may well be enough for a lot of customers. It’s still not what I’d like – as I mentioned previously, I can’t really see this kind of useful but not essential software as being a thing I’d want to subscribe to. It’s the kind of thing where I’d be happy enough to buy upgrades, but I’d like the freedom not to upgrade if I don’t want to (sometimes software reaches the “good enough” point, and any new features will be things I don’t need and will never use). With a normal purchase model, I can do that. And maybe upgrade later if I change my mind. But with a subscription, if I cancel, the software is dead.

So, top marks for improving an offer that I didn’t like, but I don’t think I’ll be signing up, thanks.

[1] Or as I like to think of it, the think they should have had in the first place