WordPress 4.5 has arrived

In the early days of Losing it, I used to get a lot more involved in the whole WordPress thingy. I played with the betas, spent ages on the support forums, talked about it a lot and so on, and indeed, so forth. But at some point something changed. I’m not sure if it was me or WordPress, or maybe both, but for a while now I’ve seen it as the tool that lets me maintain this site with minimal effort (except when helpful new features break things I use, such as the image tags thingy), rather than an interesting thing in itself.

So it’s with minimal ceremony that I mention that I’ve upgraded to the new version 4.5, which was released while I was asleep.

It should be available for update in your dashboard, or can be downloaded if that’s how you prefer things to work. Full details from the usual source:

WordPress 4.5 announcement