A Kindle Too Far?

I am, as regular readers[1] may have gathered, quite fond of technological toys. One of my favourite, and most-used of such toys is my Kindle. My current one is a second-generation Paperwhite which I bought in 2013. It replaced the first-generation one I bought in 2012 for some reason or other. Probably just “ooh shiny” syndrome.

But since then, despite interesting new models, I haven’t felt inclined to buy another one.  The Kindle Voyage looked a bit nicer, but didn’t really do anything extra that mattered to me. And now there’s an even fancier one.  The new Kindle Oasis is thinner and lighter, has more LEDs for its light-up screen and when combined with the included charging case can run for even more weeks on a single charge. It’s even got an ergonomic grip thingy, and is clever enough to reverse the display for right or left-handed use. I’m not entirely convinced by the asymmetric design, but it probably makes some kind of sense. So, it’s a nice thing, I suppose. But it doesn’t actually do anything my Paperwhite can’t, other than having brighter lighting, which isn’t an issue for me anyway.

But you know, I could be tempted by “ooh shiny” syndrome, what with my current Kindle being over two years old. So, how much is this new toy? Well, there’s the thing. The WiFi only version costs… wait for it….


And should you want the one with 3G, so you can download books when you don’t have a handy network available, that rocks in at…


Now I think that’s a wee bit expensive for a one-function device. You can buy a nice tablet for that kind of money. Or buy a Paperwhite at £119.99 (assuming you pay the extra £10 to avoid the “special offers” on the homescreeen) and spend the difference on ebooks. Or wine. Or, well, anything, really. Or buy two Paperwhites and keep one as a spare in case yours is eaten by a badger.

I don’t think I’ll be upgrading any time soon. Indeed, if my Kindle suffered a badger-related incident, I’d replace it with the current Paperwhite in an instant…

[1] Or Unicorns, Loch Ness Monsters, and other such entities of uncertain reality

2 thoughts on “A Kindle Too Far?

  1. Sam Judson

    Mines the one before the kindle touch,I.e. Really ancient. Still doesn’t need upgrading as I Xan still use it to.. Err..you know, read stuff on. Bit like a book really suppose. Ironic?

  2. Kevin

    I hate it when badgers eat my Kindle… badger badger badger mushroom!!! — I’m with you. looks pretty and all but, nothing new or must have for the cost.

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