Robert Rankin – The Brentford Triangle

Moving right along, we come to the second in the legendary[1] Brentford Trilogy[2] as the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon continues.

Once again, Strange Things are happening in Brentford, where the inhabitants are eccentric, the currency relentlessly pre-decimal, and err, probably something else. This was first published in 1982, and my slightly battered paperback is from the 1994 printing.

The action begins when our heroes Pooley and Omally are trying to enjoy a quiet game of Allotment Golf, having been outrageously and unjustly banned from every golf course within reach, and quite likely many others as a precautionary measure. Strange symbols are found, lights blast into the sky, and who are these odd creosote-smelling characters who look remarkably like a young Jack Palance? And what’s the deal with the Captain Laser Alien Attack machine that’s destroying the normal tranquility of the Flying Swan, not to mention the sanity of Neville the part-time barman?

Can Pooley, Omally and the rest of the gang see of an alien invasion? And more importantly, can the Swan’s team uphold their honour and win the darts tournament?

It’s all gloriously silly, and includes a camel, the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe, the Great Pyramid and Noah’s Ark, so what more can you ask for?

[1] Must be true, it says so on the cover
[2] I should probably warn you that this trilogy may have more than three parts

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