Stephen Baxter – Xeelee: Endurance

This is a companion to the recently reviewed Xeelee: Vacuum Diagrams, and includes a number of more recent stories set in the same future history. Some of the same characters and situations return, but often seen from different angles and perspectives.

I was most intrigued by a sequence of stories set on “Old Earth”, a massively modified environment which has a time gradient – the higher up you go, the faster time passes. This leads to some interesting interactions between people living at different levels, such as the society where an elite live at one level, with their servants living at a higher level. There’s fun and games with Machines that have either forgotten their original purposes or have just gone a bit wild.

It’s another very readable collection, best enjoyed while Vacuum Diagrams is fresh in your mind[1]. More Xeeleeness may follow…

[1] So not very long after in my case. Not that I forget things…

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