Robert Rankin – The Book of Ultimate Truths

Yes, it’s back to the sanity-endangering Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon, with the first in the Cornelius Murphy Trilogy. And in what may be a shock to some readers, I should point out that this is a trilogy that contains just three books! Can you believe it?

First, I think it’s wise to point out that The Book of Ultimate Truths is not the actual Book of Ultimate Truths – that is the lost work of the master Hugo Rune. But it does concern the Book of Ultimate Truths, so the title is not altogether misleading.

Our hero is Cornelius Murphy, who is, we are assured, the stuff of epics, which is just as well, as he runs into some remarkable challenges. After successfully avoiding actual work for a while, he is recruited for a Mission: to collect all the missing parts of Hugo Rune’s masterpiece so they can be gathered together and published. This results in a sequence of adventures involving Cornelius and his friend Tuppe.

These are far too bizarre and bonkers to relate here, but they do involve a shape-changing entity from somewhere else, the truth about the London A-Z, some odd monks, a karaoke machine with remarkable powers, the reinvented ocarina, and a shocking revelation for Cornelius.

And there’s more! There are numerous extracts from the writings of Hugo Rune himself, which reveal much of his unique wisdom[1].

And as if that wasn’t enough, it sets things up nicely for a sequel, which I’ll come to moderately soon. Though I do have something else to read first.

[1] I think that’s what it is…

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