Robert Rankin – The Greatest Show Off Earth

Sorry[1], but it has to be done. It’s time for another entry in the carefully spread-out Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon. Spread out because it’s necessary to take breaks to avoid my brain pouring out of my ears[2].

The fun starts when Raymond (nice enough chap) is kidnapped by aliens. Well, he thinks he’s been selected for ambassadorial duties, but in reality there’s a quite different role planned for him. He manages to escape one Dreadful Fate only to find himself involved in a series of adventures involving Deadly Peril and imprisoned football fans. Oh, and a slightly odd circus.

Meanwhile, Raymond’s best friend Simon (not such a nice chap), having witnessed Raymond’s disappearance, finds himself involved in his own Deadly Peril involving Men in Grey (like Men in Black only less human), Mad Cultists and, err, a slightly modified chicken.

Their stories alternate throughout the book in the usual Rankin way of cutting from one scene to another without actually telling you that’s what’s been done – this is generally done to increase confusion and for the occasional gag.

All the usual ingredients are present and correct: running gags that characters comment on, and things like this. Raymond is being held captive and is being discussed by Dreadful Aliens who don’t have his best interests at whatever they use for hearts:

“So, if all the Earth males are called George,” said Mrs Dumpty, “what are all the females called?” “Mildred,” came the reply.

Well, obviously.

All good fun, and I should probably mention that this one isn’t part of a trilogy. So far, anyway…

[1] Not
[2] Or is that wax?

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