Weight and Stuff Report – 26 August 2016

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Back up a bit today, ho hum, never mind, etc.

Having worked in Birmingham last weekend, I decided to make the most of the long weekend by having an extra day off, which is what I did today.

I was awake at least as early as usual[1], and once I’d aught up with things, I headed into Gateshead to do some essential tasks:

  1. Renew the travel pass that expired the day I went to Birmingham, so I won’t need to keep buying individual tickets
  2. Pick up my prescription from Boots (I take these pills, you know)
  3. Pour the contents of my penny jar[2] into the machine[3] in Tesco’s

All tasks were completed successfully. The final one was more successful than my best guess – I was hoping for around £100, but it turned out to be £131 after the machine’s commission, which came in handy for my next set of tasks

Well, having got up and out moderately early, something was missing: breakfast. So I went to Frankie & Benny’s, where for a change I had their larger “Pappa Grande” option, which comes with more bacon, and extra sausage, a big potato rosti thingy and a slice of black pudding, which was previously removed from the menu. Oh, and toast is included. It was a big breakfast, and I ate the lot, making lunch unnecessary today. And it seems it’s a good job I went when I did, as the owners of the chain are reported to be planning to close the Gateshead Frankie & Benny’s, which isn’t good at all.

After that, I went to Newcastle for more essential tasks – it was time to buy coffee beans from those nice Pumphreys people in the Grainger Market. And then I needed a haircut. Well, I’ve needed one for about a month, but never seemed to have the chance at lunchtime, and everywhere is too busy at weekends. The cheaper place I usually go to had a lot of people waiting (all seats taken), so I went in search of alternatives. The more expensive place I’ve been to in the past is now appointments only, which doesn’t work for me, so I decided to give Supercuts a try. They’ve been around forever, but for some reason I’ve never been in. They’re strictly walk in, no appointments, and I was told I’d have to wait half an hour. Well, there were seats, the ambient temperature was comfortable, and I had my iPhone with me, so I said that was fine. In the event, my wait was closer to ten minutes[5].

After a brief discussion, and a quick attack of the clippers, my hair was washed, cut, styled and generally given a good seeing to. Price was a wee bit cheaper than the more expensive place, but quite a lot more than the cheaper place, but they don’t do the washing bit there, being more of a standard barber.

So, err, here’s the hair:

That'll be me

That’ll be me

I came home briefly, picked up my X-T1 and headed out, with no definite plan in mind. I decided it was a bit late in the day to aim for Blyth to see the Tall Ships (maybe tomorrow), so I settled for a short walk along the coast from Tynemouth, and then a bus back to Newcastle, and another one home.

Here’s a view of the old pool at Tynemouth. There is talk of restoration and making use of it again, which would be good. It’s also a view of the beach. It was also a test of Snapheal, one of the MacPhun tools, which I used to remove some humans who got into the shot where I didn’t want them to be. Silly humans.

The old pool

The old pool

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/11
Shutter speed: 1/500s
Focal length: 16mm
ISO: 250
Taken: 26 August, 2016

[1] Though I did go to be early, so waking up early may be related to that…
[2] I call it a penny jar, but it gets all my change from 20p coins downwards, so maybe I should rename it
[3] These things no charge 9.9% commission, which is a bit steep, but I’d rather pay than spend hours sorting, counting and bagging coins, not to mention queuing in the bank several times[4]
[4] Mine has limits on how many bags they’ll take in a single transaction, and I’d have had loads
[5] This was either luck, or clever management of expectations[6]
[6] AKA the Scotty time estimate method