Weight and Stuff Report – 27 August 2016

Back down today, good stuff.

After the traditional Saturday shopping, I persuaded myself that I really should make the effort and go to Blyth to see what I could of the Tall Ships Regatta thingy. Sometimes, I really shouldn’t listen to me. This really turned out to be a Bad idea. I got to the Haymarket bus station by about 11:30, and got on a bus, which was pretty damn full, but that was OK. What was less OK was the slight problem that everyone else in a 300 mile radius[1] was also going to Blyth. Only they weren’t on the bus, they were all in cars, and they were all in front of the bus. The result was incredibly slow progress from Whitley Bay onwards, so that what normally takes just over an hour, if the timetable can be believed, took nearly Three Hours. So, I wasn’t in the best frame of mind on arrival. Now sometimes I can deal with crowds of people, and sometimes I find them unbearable, especially when many of the people concerned seem to have a slight issue with looking where they’re going, or with deciding to randomly stop where there’s no room to get around them, and apparently trampling on them is considered rude, so I couldn’t do that.

It didn’t help that the layout of the port meant that views of the tall ships were very restricted (quite apart from all the people in the way), so I didn’t get a lot of photographs to make up for the annoyance (a few good shots would have transformed me from Mr Grumpy to Mr Happy…), so after a look around, I left. Though this was a struggle, as the crowds seemed to have got worse. I managed to get on a bus almost immediately, and that was only moderately delayed getting back to Newcastle. And now I’m home.

Here’s one I did manage to get today:

Wouldn't get me up there

Wouldn’t get me up there

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/10
Shutter speed: 1/500s
Focal length: 51.6mm
ISO: 250
Taken: 27 August, 2016

[1] This is an estimate. Possibly exaggerated for effect