August 2016 Round-up

What? Is that August over already? Well, so it seems, which means that Autumn is creeping up on us, the nights will be drawing in and other such things. But more importantly, it’s time for the monthly summary: the post that saves you reading the rest of my nonsense. Though you might want to look at the pictures. Some of those are quite nice.


More movement in a downward direction…

August 1: 215.3 pounds (15 stone 5.3 pounds, 97.7 kg)
August 31: 214.3 pounds (15 stone 4.3 pounds, 97.2 kg)

That’s a smaller drop this month of 1 pound (0.5kg). It’s quite likely that the reduction in the amount of reduction may have been related to my no wine in the week plan going slightly overboard. Or some such mixed metaphor.


Yes, well. Still eating, and slightly failing to not drink wine. Gradually reducing the amount, though.


I’ve been out a bit, went to Birmingham twice, walked a bit there, took some photos in various places, but still not all that active really.


Another quiet month, with a total of just 36 posts.


Hmmm, not a lot, really. Though it has been quite warm.