Thing I’d never do, part 345…

…or something.

I’d noticed this from the bus a few times, and finally remembered to take a photograph today. This is St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Newcastle, which seems to have the World’s Scariest Ladder attached to it. I should explain that if I have to stand on a little set of steps to change a lightbulb, I get a little anxious. Ladders and Les do not mix. So the idea that somebody might climb up there is slightly alarming. I’d need several safety harnesses, and probably a large enough dose of a sedative to make me even more incapable of climbing than I am already to even contemplate the possibility of going anywhere near that thing…

Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to Heaven?

Camera X70
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/400s
Focal length 18.5mm
ISO 200
Taken 13:50, 11 September, 2016
Location 54° 58.1298′ 0″ N 1° 37.131′ 0″ W

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