Les does the new camera happy dance

Well, it’s been three weeks since I said goodbye to my Fujifilm X-T1, leaving me without an interchangeable lens camera for the first time in a decade. While I’ve really missed having it, it did give me the opportunity to get to know the dinky little X70 a lot better, and to really appreciate what it can do. But it can’t do everything that I need, so the whole waiting thing was dragging a bit.

But yesterday, while I was enjoying myself in Sunderland, I got an email on my phone from those lovely Wex people telling me my order was in stock and would I please reply telling them when I wanted it. I immediately replied with a “as soon as you like” message, which got a “OK, with you tomorrow” response.

And so, being a bit sad like that, I kept an eye on the Parcelforce tracking site much of today. I’d arranged for it to be delivered to work (where I’m not), so the plan was to go into town when it arrived and pick it up. But I decided I’d go in anyway, wander around a bit and be ready as soon as the tracking site showed it had been delivered.  And being a bit sad like that, I kept an eye on it while I was on the bus, and woo hoo, it suddenly changed to “delivered”.  :bouncy:

So, I popped into the office, picked up my parcel and came home.

Full unboxing and reviewing stuff will follow, but for now, here’s the beast:



And before I’ve done any setting up at all, here’s the first photo taken with it:

My usual model

My usual model

Camera: X-T2
Aperture: ƒ/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/40s
Focal length: 20.6mm
ISO: 320
Taken: 30 September, 2016

Tigger insisted on being my first subject, of course  :tigger:

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