September 2016 Round-up

So, September has had enough and has run off to join the circus, or whatever it is departing months do. Apparently there are just three months left of 2016, who’d have thought it? Leaving aside all that nonsense, it must be time for the monthly summary: the post that saves you reading the rest of my nonsense. Though you might want to look at the pictures. Some of those are quite nice.


More movement in a downward direction…

September 1: 215.6 pounds (15 stone 5.6 pounds, 97.8 kg)
September 30: 213.3 pounds (15 stone 3.3 pounds, 96.8 kg)

That’s a not insignificant drop this month of 2.3 pounds (1kg), which isn’t bad at all.


Yes, still doing that.


Went to Wales, where I wasn’t all that active apart from the day I went to Cardiff, but I’ve had two proper walking days since I came back. Just need to do some more of that.


A slightly more active month, with this report bringing the total to 41.


Did I mention I have a new camera? Well, I’ve got a new camera.  :tigger: