Weight and Stuff Report – 2 October 2016

Hmmmm, back up today in another bout of random thinginess, or some such.

As it was a nice day, and I have to go back to work tomorrow  :wah: , I decided I really should make the most of it and go out somewhere. After some dithering, I decided on Carlisle, as I hadn’t been for a while[1], so I was at the station in plenty of time to catch a train there. For reasons that probably make sense to somebody, they run old, small trains on this route, despite them getting very busy with travellers with luggage (at a guess, people who live in Cumbria getting flights from Newcastle), general passengers (including the traditional group of ladies drinking Prosecco) and, err, Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, the leader of the Labour Party was on the train. A few people greeted him in a generally positive manner, and one guy got a selfie as Jeremy got off at one station or another.

Anyway, I ate a sandwich on the train (bought at Newcastle, they don’t do catering on that line…) and arrived at Carlisle as planned. I had a wander, visited the castle (have to keep using that English Heritage card, you know…) then decided I’d walked enough and headed back to the station in plenty of time to get an equally crowded train back to Newcastle.

More acts of photography were committed, including this one of the castle

Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle

Camera: X-T2
Aperture: ƒ/10
Shutter speed: 1/70s
Focal length: 18.7mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 2 October, 2016
Location: 54° 53.7947′ 0″ N 2° 56.4839′ 0″ W

Again, this is an unedited JPG using the X-T2’s Acros film simulation which I’ve decided I like rather a lot.

[1] A quick search suggests 2 and a half years…

2 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 2 October 2016

    1. Les Post author

      :tongue: If he’d boarded any later, he’d have had to. As it was, the person he was travelling with had to sit elsewhere for a while until someone got off.

      Not that there’s room on the floor on those old cattle trucks, unlike the Vermin Trains things on the East Coast line, where there’s loads of useful space to squeeze in more victims, err, customers (apparently we’re not passengers these days, as that implies they’re going to take us somewhere rather than just sell us something).

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