You know, I don’t think I will

To ad block or not to ad block, that is the question…

Well, it isn’t really. It’s more a case of which sites you unblock and which need to be AdBlocked to be even slightly usable. I started using ad blocking in web browsers when some sites became so slow to load, or generated so many redirects and pop-ups that finding their actual content was bordering on the impossible.

Now this is a problem for sites that rely on adverts for their income, and a balance needs to be found. For me, that balance point is this: make your adverts non-obnoxious and I’ll let my browser display them. If you display a polite message asking me to allow ads, I’m actually quite likely to do so. But then there are the sites that claim that ad blocking is nasty and mean, and breaks their site and you’re a bad person for not allowing all their ads to show. I tend to ignore them and go somewhere else.

But now there’s another method. Following a link from Twitter to a site I won’t mention, I was greeted by this:

Can't get in

Can’t get in

And so on in numerous languages. Yup, they won’t let you see their site unless you disable your ad blocker. So you can’t make an informed decision on whether this is a site you trust to attempt to load who knows what into your browser. So, pausing only to screen grab the message, I closed the tab. That’s one more site I’ll never see…

And then there are those sites that like to pop up floating boxes asking you to register with them for spam interesting updates. Of course, they don’t appear when the page loads, they wait until you’re reading something, then get in the way, interrupt the flow and generally make you not want to sign up for anything…

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