Weight and Stuff Report – 5 November 2016

An upward variation today, in the usual random manner.

The weather seems to have changed a bit – after having lots of sun and mild weather (with the occasional shower when I was trying to take photos, mutter), today was altogether nastier. Much colder, with more rain showers. So it was probably just as well that I didn’t have any photographic plans in mind. Instead, it was a day for doing the shopping, having a wander around the MetroCentre and not buying a coat (looked nice, but a wee bit expensive), buying my X-T2 a small present (well, it’s been sooooo good) and coming home in time to avoid the buses  being diverted due to the fireworks display in Saltwell Park. As is my habit, I didn’t go to that – there’s something about being in a dark and moderately muddy field surrounded by far too many people that oddly doesn’t appeal to me. Besides, I have to have been organised enough to buy a ticket in advance, and that wasn’t going to happen…

Something that did appeal was this:

Tuxedo Royale

Tuxedo Royale

Camera: X-T2
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/90s
Focal length: 51.6mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 3 November, 2016

That’s the Tuxedo Royale, which was once moored near the Tyne Bridge as a floating nightclub, while its better-known sister shop the Tuxedo Princess was doing a similar job in Glasgow. It’s been more or less abandoned on the Tees, and has been damaged by metal thieves, which accounts for its slightly sunken state. Though I it’s a bit of a mess, it looks much more interesting than it did on the Tyne. Or maybe that’s just me.

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