Doctor Who – The Complete Ninth Series Blu-ray

Hold on, Les, I can hear the legions[1] of Losing it unicorns regular readers saying[2], hasn’t this been out for ages? Has your tuit problem got even worse?

Well, yes. This did arrive at Losing it HQ back in March. But there was a problem. This is the year of no new Who until Christmas, so I needed to ration it. If I’d watched this early in the year, the wait would have been far too much to tolerate. I’d probably have started twitching, or posting complete nonsense[5] or something.

But now the year is coming to a close, it was time to watch the set. And I have.

I’ve muttered about the episodes previously, so I won’t do that again, so this is more about the extras. Though I should point out that the ninth series is bookended by Last Christmas and The Husbands of River Song, making it a wee bit longer.

Anyway, there are commentaries on some episodes – a far cry from the days when we were treated to in-picure commentaries or at the very least a commentary for every episode, mutter. The previously online Doctor Who Extra shows appear here, giving the traditional behind the scenes stuff, along with a few extra films (some overlap of material here, mutter) and a few deleted scenes.

So, worth adding to your collection for some great episodes, extras not so significant. Maybe hang on until the price drops a bit…

[1] For an arbitrarily small value of “legion”
[2] Please note, I don’t actually hear voices[3], this is a literary device[4]
[3] Even when people are actually speaking to me sometimes
[4] Possibly a rusty one with broken springs
[5] Oh, OK. Fair point.