Weight and Stuff Report – 16 November 2016

Up a wee bit today, but still lower than recently.

You might have noticed a lot of nonsense the other day about the “supermoon”, which seemed to lead people tho think the Moon would be appearing much larger than normal rather than just a wee bit. Well, it was a bit cloudy, and I was a little preoccupied by matters relating to work, which I won’t be talking about here[1], so I didn’t do anything about that. But when I got in this evening, I looked out of my bedroom window and had a go:

Not quite so super...

Not quite so super…

Camera X-T2
Aperture ƒ/11
Shutter speed 1/1400s
Focal length 800mm
ISO 1000
Taken 19:29, 16 November, 2016

Could do better, etc – forgot to attach the foot thingy to the big lens, so couldn’t get it suitably stable on tripod, so it’s not as sharp as it could have been. Bit it’ll do for now…


[1] Well, not yet, anyway…

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