Wilkie Martin – Inspector Hobbes and the Curse

This is the follow-up to Inspector Hobbes and the Blood, which I mentioned a few weeks ago. I had a lot of fun with that one, and I’m happy to say that this is more of the same.

Andy Caplet, our inept narrator, is still living with the unhuman Inspector Hobbes and still getting into trouble with no trouble at all.

This time round, there are reports of panthers which seem to mysteriously appear and disappear, and worse than that, a rather nasty property developer, Felix King has arrived in town.

Hobbes and Andy visit the local wildlife park to check if they’ve lost any cats, where they’re given some useful information

“Our leopards,” Mr Catt continued, “are particularly fine specimens and we’re hoping theyll breed soon. The female has already had a couple of litters at her previous zoo but, for some reason, our male doesn’t seem capable of making her pregnant, appearing to prefer cheetahs.” He sniggered. “We think he might be trying to pull a fast one.”

Yes, it seems everyone in Sorenchester has a taste for bad jokes…

We meet some perfectly nice werewolves (no trouble at all, really), though apparently there has been some trouble in the past.

Well, to cut a long story short, they got married, with my blessing, and moved into a council house in Wolverhampton where, unfortunately, there were allegations about inappropriate use of lampposts and a misunderstanding over a cat that resulted in bad relations with the neighbours. A very unpleasant situation arose and Les was hounded by vigilantes. When he complained to the council, he was howled down and in the end they had to do a moonlight flit.

I should point out that the Les mentioned isn’t me to avoid any more confusion than normal.

There’s a load of fun at a music festival, with Hobbes going undercover. Well, undercover for him, that is. And Andy is in danger of developing a romantic relationship with Felix’s sister Violet, which Felix makes very clear is not something he’s going to tolerate…

And I’m afraid I’m going to have to dip into spoiler territory here, because some gags are too bad not to pass on. Evidence has come to light that the reason the panthers keep disappearing is because….

“The word we use with werecats is transmogrify,” he said, “though, apart from that, you’ve got it. Of course, they can revert to human form whenever it suits them.”

Trans-MOG-rify? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….

There is, of course, lots of Deadly Peril, a fair bit of Andy getting knocked about and Hobbes being Hobbes.

Great fun, and just as recommended as the first book, and also available for not very much in Kindle form.