Good Times, bad times: end of a sarnie era

For the last few years, I’ve been getting my lunch nearly every day from the same place: Good Times, a sandwich shop just across the road from the office. It wasn’t just their convenient location, it wasn’t just the food (though the bhaji burger[1] would have made regular visits a good idea), it was more the people – lovely friendly staff, who took the trouble to remember what their regulars liked[2], and who my colleagues and I got to know.

So it’s a shame that today was their last day – other things are happening with the property they were in, and so the Good Times had to come to an end. Well, not a final end: they’re aiming to be back in new premises in the new year, and while they won’t be as close to the office, they’ll still be worth tracking down for a good sarnie. And as I’ll have to walk somewhere for my lunch in future, it might as well be there!

[1] Warm onion bhaji, inna bun, with mango chutney, that minty yoghurty stuff, salady bits, cheese. Grilled like a panini. Lovely.
[2] After a while, as soon as I walked on on a Friday morning, my sausage sarnie with brown sauce was being made, and my black coffee poured (a good deal at £2.50).