Weighty Matters

No, it’s OK – I’m not going to get all philosophical or political on you, I’m talking about actual weight, which you might recall was the original purpose of this site when it was a little blog hanging off the side of my more general website.

If you’ve been reading the words rather than just looking at the pictures[1], you might recall that the fancy scale I’ve been using has been a wee bit, well, variable over the last year or so – not just giving widely varying readings, but taking an inordinate amount of time to settle down and display a final figure. Well, a little while ago[2], I decided the time had come to deal with this once and for all, so I bought the newer version of the scale – it’s a fancy electronic thingy that automagically uploads its readings to the Withings web service, making them available in the Health app on my phone. This saves me having to write things down or try to remember them long enough to record them in the spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my lack of progress.

But when I set up the new scale there was a problem – it consistently told me that I was somewhere around 15 pounds (around 7kg) heavier than the old scale claimed. I didn’t have time to look into this properly at the time, put the new scale aside and err, sort of forgot to check out the issue.

But this being that slack time between Christmas and New Year, I decided to take action. I thought I’d dispense with the cleverness, get a basic electronic scale and go back to writing things down like some barbarian from the twentieth century. So I did that. And when I got the new scale home, I found it was (once placed on a firm surface, as it didn’t seem to like sitting on carpet) reading somewhere around 15 pounds (around 7kg) heavier than the old scale claimed. Ah. I can see a bit of a pattern forming here…

It was at this belated point that I remembered that I still had my old old scale – the non-smart one I had before the older Withings device. I managed to find it, replaced the battery and gave it a try, and much to my non-surprise, it gave a reading somewhere around 15 pounds (around 7kg) heavier than the old scale claimed.

Sooooooooooo, I’m forced to conclude that the old scale has, in fact, been lying to me for, well, who knows how long. I’m therefore retiring it and will hand over to the new smart scale, which it seems probably wasn’t lying when it told me I was somewhere around 15 pounds (around 7kg) heavier than the old scale claimed[3].

For the purposes of today’s exciting[4] daily, monthly and annual reports[5], I’ll use the old scale’s figure, but from tomorrow, it’ll be new year, new scale, new start at a somewhat heavier weight than previously thought.

This will throw out my spreadsheet’s comparison figures, but realistically, it’s the only way to go.

What fun, eh?

[1] And I’m quite happy if you do just look at the pictures, prints available at negotiable prices, etc, etc
[2] Oh. On checking my finance records, I find it was in June. Ooops
[3] I may have copied and pasted that once or twice
[4] For the very easily excited
[5] I bet you can hardly wait…

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