Are you feeling secure?

Well, you should be as this site is now being served up with an added certificate and will only talk to you over HTTPS. Depending on how your choice of browser shows these things, you might notice a little padlock on the address bar.

While this isn’t really all that important for a site like this, it does mean all communications between site and browser are secure, so only the NSA, CIA, GCHQ, FSB, B&Q and M&S can intercept them. Well, maybe not the last two.

I’m using a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, which does the same job as one you’d pay lots of money for. If you want to secure a website, and you don’t mind a bit of command line jiggery-pokery, this is a good way to go.

Note: it’s possible that older pages with embedded thingies from other sites will break the padlock and show as unsecured. If I ever find a tuit, I’ll fix those as I find them. But all current content (even Amazon link things, which used to be a problem), will now be nicely secure.

And if none of that meant a thing to you, hang on. A normal[1] post will be along soon.

[1] Yeah, yeah. Normal for here, that is

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