Doctor Who: Good and bad news

First the good news: the new season of Doctor Who starts on Saturday 15 April (same date in the US, other countries will no doubt be confirmed later, if they haven’t been already.

This will be Peter Capaldi’s third season, and it’ll be sooooo good to have him back after the echoing void of 2016, when all we had was one (rather good, it has to be admitted) Christmas special.

Now, we already knew that 2107 would be Steven Moffat’s last year running the show, and that Chris Chibnall will be taking over in 2018. What we didn’t know until it was revealed last night was whether Peter Capaldi would be staying on – it had been reported that he’d been told the choice was his. And now we know: he’s leaving. This year’s Christmas episode will be his last[1].

I’ll be sad to see him go – I’ve enjoyed having a Doctor who’s older than me for a change, and enjoyed a Doctor with a nicely darker edge to him. Not to mention the guitar and the late lamented sonic shades.

But. With Peter leaving at the same time as Steven, this can only mean one thing:

Absolutely, dementedly, massively over the top season end and insane Christmas special

Yes, I think we can safely predict that star and showrunner are going to go out with a very big bang indeed, which means lots of fun stuff to look forward to this year.

It also means that new showrunner Chris Chibnall gets to do a clean start in much the same way Steven Moffat did in err, wait – what? – 2010? can it really be that long ago? Well, apparently so.

More in the link:

Peter Capaldi announces he will stand down as Doctor Who at the end of the year

[1] Subject to returns in any future multi-doctor stories, of course