January 2017 Round-up

January has decided to stop hanging around, so it must be time for the first monthly summary of the year.


OK, new year, new scale, new numbers which are much higher than those recorded last year. Which makes it more of a challenge, or something.

January 1: 237 pounds (16 stone 13 pounds, 107.5 kg)
January 31: 240.2 pounds (17 stone 2.2 pounds, 109 kg)

That’s a rise of 3.2 pounds (1.5kg), and I don’t think I can blame the scale, which has been showing quite believable daily variations, and not doing that weird thing of not settling down on a random number after a long bout of indecision.


Still doing that. And enjoying a bit of variety in my lunchtime sarnies.


Singularly lacking in the motivation to get out and commit acts of photography at present, so not a lot of walking has happened.


The January total is a more or less average 40.


Err, well, there’s some stuff, but I can’t really go into it yet…