February 2017 Round-up

February is doing its usual slack job of nipping off two or three days earlier than more dedicated months, which means I’ll have to publish this old thing – the post that saves you reading the rest of them.


The new scale does seem more consistent than the old one, despite its unfortunate insistance that I’m heavier than I previously thought, so I’ll just have to accept these figures:

February 1: 240.5 pounds (17 stone 2.5 pounds, 109.1 kg)
February 28: 241.3 pounds (17 stone 3.3 pounds, 109.5 kg)

That’s a rise of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg), which is more of a daily fluctuation kind of change than anything to be alarmed about.


Oddly enough, I still do that. Though in a shocking development, I’m drinking less wine, which should begin to have an effect on the weight reports in dues course…


Not a lot of this. The motivation thingy is still hibernating, or something.


The monthly total is a mere 34.


Ummm, nothing, really. It’s been a quiet sort of month.