Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories – Kim Newman

What’s this? More from Kim Newman? This is a collection of some of Kim’s shorter fiction, most of which has been published before in various magazines and anthologies over the last few decades. Some I’ve seen before, but not recently.

As you might expect, there’s lots of the usual mixture of fictional and historical characters, literary allusions and more fun than a thing that’s lots of fun. Some of the highlights include

Famous Monsters – in which a faded movie star reminisces about past glories. Only he’s not quite your usual kind of star, and the world he lives in is ever so slightly different from ours. Lovely stuff, and I’m not dropping any spoilers, so there.

A Drug on the Market – in which an investor persuades a mad mix of people to improve on Doctor Jekyll’s notorious potion and, err, sell it as a patent medicine. Much silliness follows, with a hint that the investor, going by the name of Leo Dare might not be quite what he seems. And what he seems is quite bad enough, thank you….

Is There Anybody There? – in which a psychic gets in touch with a somewhat unexpected kind of evil entity…

The Snow Sculptures of Xanadu – in which an older Orson Welles, having been blocked from making his documentary on Charles Foster Kane, returns to Xanadu to find something very strange

Übermensch! – in which the question of what would have happened if a certain alien capsule had landed in Germany rather than America. Only this being a Kim Newman story, it’s more interesting than that.

Une Étrange Aventure de Richard Blaine – err, a prequel to Casablanca. With added guest characters, including Tintin.

And there’s some fun involving Edgar Allan Poe. And Edgar Allen Poe, too. And, as they say, much much more. If you’re a fan of Kim Newman’s work, you’ll love this. If you’re not already a fan, this might be your perfect opportunity to get to know his work.