March 2017 Round-up

Well, that’s March out of the way. Can’t say I’ll miss it, really. But you won’t want to miss this: the essential monthly report.


The new scale does seem more consistent than the old one, despite its unfortunate insistance that I’m heavier than I previously thought, so I’ll just have to accept these figures:

March 1: 241.8 pounds (17 stone 3.8 pounds, 109.7 kg)
March 31: 240.9 pounds (17 stone 2.9 pounds, 109.3 kg)

That’s a drop of 0.9 pounds (0.4kg), which is pretty much the opposite of last month


Still eating, and shock, horror, sensation, still drinking less wine.


I did manage a couple of decent walks last weekend, which is an improvement. More walkage likely next week…


The monthly total is manageable 36.


There’s a work related thing that I can’t go into details on yet. Interesting times, or something