July 2017 Round-up

Well, July has waved the metaphorical white flag, given up and gone wherever old months go, so I suppose it’s time for me to do this


Yet more fluctuations, with an exciting new low for the year, if only for one day

July 1: 237.4 pounds (16 stone 13.4 pounds, 107.7 kg)
July 31: 236.9 pounds (16 stone 12.9 pounds, 107.5 kg)

That’s a not really significant drop of 0.5 pounds (0.2kg), thought if I cheated and used Saturday as the last day of the month, it would have been a drop of 2.5 pounds (1.1kg), but never mind.


It has been known.


I’ve had a few more reasonable weekend walks.


The monthly total is a pretty average for these days 36.


Ummmm, nope. Not a thing.


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