Crashplan makes Les unhappy

I’ve been a happy user of Crashplan since 2011, following the bit of unpleasantness with my previous online backup supplier, Mozy, who decided that their previous unlimited offer wasn’t something they wanted to do any more, and would I like to pay ten times as much to back up my files?

In that time, Crashplan has worked well – they’ve had decent pricing as these things go, the service worked, and I’ve even been able to restore files. I was always reassured by them saying on at least one occasion that they had no intention of backing away from offering unlimited backup capacity.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email from them today which can be summarised as

Go away

Well, it witters on about how they want to focus solely on their business service, and they really don’t want to deal with boring home users any more, so they won’t. Existing contracts will be honoured, but after that, say goodbye to your backups.

You can switch to their Business package, which starts at $10 per month. Oh. Hold on. That’s $10 per month per computer, which could get expensive for people making use of the family account to back up a houseful of computers. I only need to back up two, but even at that level, this would cost me more, and I’d lose the ability to start backing up another machine if I needed to. Well, unless I spent more money.

The alternative is to move to another supplier – they’re suggesting Carbonite, who I’ve heard moderately good things about, but I’ll have to do the research again, which is annoying – I was perfectly happy with the service I’ve been paying for, and would more than likely have stayed there for many years.

Full details and an annoying message from the CEO on this page.

Oh, and Crashplan – you do realise that a lot of your home customers work in IT, and are the kind of people who buy business services for their employers, don’t you? And have you considered that at least some of those people just crossed you off the list of companies they’ll consider for business services?

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