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When using a smaller camera, and sometimes with a larger one, I like to use a wrist strap. This gives a bit of security against dropping the camera or indeed having it snatched from your hand (not that anyone’s ever tried, but hey…).

After trying a few things, I’d settled on the Peak Design Cuff, which like its larger sibling the Slide Lite, which I mentioned last year, uses Peak’s innovative Anchors to attach to your kit. These are loops of very strong cord attached to a disk which clips in to the strap. Here’s the Cuff I’ve had for a while:

Past its peak

Past its peak

As you can see, it’s a basic thing – just a loop of webbing with a pretty standard adjustment. But it worked well enough. If I had one gripe, it was that the cord on the anchors was just a wee bit too thick to go directly through the eyelets on my Fujifilm cameras, so I had to connect them to those awkward dangling triangular metal puzzles that Fujifilm supply.

But it seems Peak Design have  been listening (even though I didn’t say it out loud) and have come up with a new!! improved!!! better!!! cuff with new!!! improved!!! better!!! anchors.

Dealing with the anchors first, the cord is now thinner, and they now work with the eyelets on Fujifilm and other brands. They also have a taper on the top, so they’re just a little bit easier to connect and disconnect. Nice. The new anchors are compatible with existing straps, so you could get some of those as a quick upgrade.

But the new Cuff is, well, tons better than the old one. Loads of design work has gone into making something that’s more pleasant to wear, and nicer to look at. It arrives in a nicely simple box:



This opens up to show off the goodies

Open the box!

Open the box!

And once unpacked, you’ll see you have the wrist strap, two anchors and a pouch to keep things in. And a sticker.



You’ll see that the Cuff now has a leather strip (artificial version on the black model, I think) over some rather nicely made webbing. The metal piece is the new adjustment device which simply slides along to make the Cuff tighter or looser. It also automatically tightens up if you let go of your camera, making sure the whole thing won’t slip off your wrist.

If you’re moving around and keep taking the camera off your wrist and putting it away, you might like another new feature – you can wrap the loose end around and it’ll fasten to the magnet concealed under the leather, turning it into a bracelet – and the magnet can be easily moved to adjust for the size of your wrist

I took it out this afternoon, and found it very comfortable, and even tried the bracelet mode.

It’s a nice bit of kit – takes the basic idea of the original model and improves on it enormously. Well worth a look if you want a wrist strap for your camera.

You’ll notice that there are no instructions included – partly because it’s a very simple thing, but mostly because there’s a video available that covers it very nicely, in the usual Peak Design manner:

And if you just want the ooh shiny, there’s the design video:

Having been suitably impressed with the new Cuff, I’m quite likely to be getting the new Leash neck strap – and I’ll give it a similar review if I do.

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