Weight and Stuff Report – 2 September 2017

Weight: 233.5 pounds (16 stone 9.5 pounds, 105.9 kg)
Steps: 7,975

Down again today, good stuff.

While I didn’t manage any major trips today, I did have a wander down to the Quayside with my little X70[1]. It was a nice day for it…

I was just starting to head towards the Ouseburn area, when I heard the sound of the Millennium Bridge’s horns. Or alarms. Or whatever they are. The thingies that let you know it’s going to open. And as that’s a sight you should never miss if you’re in the vicinity, I stayed around to watch.

Open wide...

Open wide…

Camera: X70
Aperture: ƒ/10
Shutter speed: 1/320s
Focal length: 18.5mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 2 September, 2017
Location: 54° 58.232′ 0″ N 1° 35.9293′ 0″ W

After that, I had a look in some shops (and didn’t buy anything) and came home.

[1] The X-T2 is having a rest, it’ll be back in action soon!


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