Moving on from CrashPlan – Backblaze

You might recall me being a wee bit annoyed by CrashPlan‘s decision to abandon the home market.

Well, despite having about seven months before my old backups disappear, I thought I’d better get on with it, given that I have a lot of data to back up, and it’s going to take quite a while[1] to finish uploading it all to a new provider.

So, after a moderate bit of research, a lot of muttering and a free trial, I’ve selected Backblaze as my new online backup provider. (Obligatory disclaimer – that’s a referral link, which can get you a free month’s service, and a free month for me if you sign up).

It’s priced per computer – so not so bad for the two machines I want to protect, but not as good a deal if you’ve got more. You can either pay $5 per month, $50 per year or $95 for two years. I’ve gone for a year, and I’ll review it after that.

Things to like:

  • It’s still available!
  • The client installs as a preference pane on macOS, rather than a Java thing like CrashPlan
  • Upload speed appears to be pretty fast so far, need to monitor that

Things not to like

  • Restores are via a web interface rather than directly from the client – not a major issue, but slightly less convenient
  • Files deleted from your computer will be purged from the backup after a short time. There is no long-term retention of deleted files. Make sure you’re using local backup (such as Time Machine) in addition to this service if being able to recover something you deleted more than a month ago is important to you. Use Time Machine anyway, it’s good.

Progress reports will follow in due course…

[1] This is one of those understatement thingies

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