Ben Aaronovitch – The Furthest Station

First the good news – it’s a new Rivers of London book from Ben Aaronovitch! Well, there’s more good news than that, but I have to mention the slight drawback – this is a novelette: the DTV[1] has around 128 pages, and it’s a quick read, so you’ll soon be wanting the next one.

But the real good news is that it’s actually bloody good stuff. With only minimal diversions, it tells one self-contained story which comes to a reasonably tidy conclusion. I’d say it makes an ideal taster for anyone who hasn’t already got completely hooked on the books, or indeed the excellent audiobook versions, which are perfectly read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Indeed, there was a special feature on the audiobook of The Hanging Tree in which Ben took great delight in relating how he tried to make the job trickier for Kobna, who seemed to enjoy the challenge. Worth joining Audible for!

But I digress. Peter is called in when there are reports of ghosts on the Tube. More than usual, that is and it soon becomes evident that the ghosts have a mission – trying to share some vital information before they disintegrate in an manner not altogether usual for ghostly beings.

Ably assisted, if not abetted, by his teenage cousin Abigail, Peter is soon on the track[2]…

Great fun, as always, if lacking the more sinister threat of the Faceless Man for a change.

The audiobook will be next on my list…

[1] Dead Tree Version
[2] But not literally. Need to avoid the live third rail on the Underground, you know…

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