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Just one more thing…

No, it’s ok, I’m not going into full Columbo mode, but just following up on yesterday’s epic upgrade saga. I was randomly looking at some old posts when I saw it. There it was, lurking in a comment: one of those spurious  thingies, nestled next to a slightly worried-looking £.

Yes, I’d forgotten to check the Comments table when I edited the posts. All fixed with another blast of Search and Replace.

Weight and Stuff Report – 11 October 2017

Weight: 231 pounds (16 stone 7 pounds, 104.8 kg)
Steps: 1,904

Up a wee bit today…

This is a view of the Sage from last Saturday’s walk – I took a similar one a few years and a few cameras ago…



Camera: X-T2
Aperture: ƒ/1
Shutter speed: 1/450s
Focal length: 8mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 7 October, 2017
Location: 54° 58.0998′ 0″ N 1° 36.1075′ 0″ W


Skagra Lives! Or, Shada is coming!

With all the fun of site creation and site fixing, I didn’t have time to mention this before. But can I just say Woo!! Hoo!! with added  :tigger: ?

Shada is the Great Lost Story of Doctor Who. Not a wiped 60s classic, but a never-completed six-parter from the glorious Tom Baker/Lalla Ward era. And it was written by Douglas Adams, which is enough reason to mourn its non-completion.

It’s been brought to semi-life before – there was an animated version with Paul McGann as the Doctor, and the finished bits were glued together with narration by Tom Baker into something you could sort of watch but was not really satisfying. Both of these appeared on DVD a while ago.

But now there’s some distinctly interesting news. A new complete version is ti be released, with a combination of remastering and animation. The original cast (yes, Tom!!!!) are back doing the voices for the animated bits, they’re working from the original scripts and it’s by the same people who did a good job of the last unexpected release, The Power of the Daleks.

As is usual these days, its first release will be as a download from 24 November, with round shiny things for us old traditionalists following on 4 December, so that’s my Christmas present to me sorted out.

Details and a sample bit of animation here:

Doctor Who TV report

Oh, and I think I’ll add one more  :tigger: for that.