Adobe attempt to confuse Les

OK, it’s new software versions time. All announced and released today are the latest versions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

For what I do these days, the only really important one is Lightroom. I get it bundled in the surprisingly nicely priced photography plan with Photoshop, but to be honest there’s not much that I use Photoshop for that I couldn’t do with something else. But hey, it’s a bargain.

But now things are changing. There’s a new shiny version of Lightroom CC, but that’s not the Lightroom you’re looking for. The one with CC in its name is, unlike CC things generally, actually a cloudy thing, intended to work with files synced to the included storage across multiple devices. Being shiny and new, it’s apparently not quite there in terms of features compared with the product formerly known as Lightroom CC. On first reading that, I had an eeerrrrr moment.

But it’s not quite as drastic as that. There’s also a new version of the kind of Lightroom that works with what, being a grouchy old Les who’s used to working that way, will call proper bloody files living in folders exactly where I put them. To maximise confusion, this is called Lightroom Classic, and it has some new features and performance improvements. More on that when I’ve absorbed the information.

Photography Plans now offer a choice:

The closest equivalent to the current one is much the same, and adds the new cloudy Lightroom and 20GB of online storage, which isn’t much these days. So, if (like me) you’re reasonably happy with how things work, there’s no need to change, and you can happily update Photoshop and Lightroom Classic from Creative Cloud.

For people who are more cloud-inclined (typically, people who do most, if not all of their photography on phones rather than cameras), you can have Lightroom CC with 1TB of storage for the same price.

And finally, if you’d like the best of both, you can pay twice as much to have all the software and 1TB of storage.

Usual advice on major new releases: make sure your Lightroom catalog has a good backup or six, test first to make sure any plugins work as expected and make sure you’ve got a good backup. (Yes I did say that twice)

If you have Lightroom on multiple computers, maybe try it on a secondary one first – that’s my plan.

Details from Adobe

Useful article with new features video from Matt Kloskowski

Useful article from Victoria Bampton (aka the Lightroom Queen)


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