Backblaze – progress report

You might recall that after being told to go away by Crashplan, after the usual bout of muttering and dithering, I decided to go with Backblaze as the best available option for my needs.

I started the initial backup on my iMac, expecting it to take a looooong time, as the selected data came to over 1.7TB, which is quite a lot. In the interim period, I may have confused it a bit by removing around 300GB of duplicate and no longer needed data, taking it down to a bit under 1.5TB.

At one point, the backup stalled, with messages suggesting I was offline (I wasn’t), but as my MacBook was showing the same thing, I suspected this was a temporary communication error, and sure enough by the following morning, it was happily chugging away.

From then, I checked periodically to see how it was doing, and earlier this week, I saw that it had indeed finished, as you can see:



It now automagically keeps backing up new and changed files, which is a Good Thing.

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