Tiggercam is really really back now

I mentioned recently that I was attempting to bring Tiggercam back to life. Well, I played around, and couldn’t find any software that was quite as flexible as the late lamented Evocam, which has two problems:

  1. It’s no longer available, much less being developed or supported
  2. It had a total lack of webcam detection on macOS 10.13

I recalled that the Mac Mini that I haven’t used for a while might work, so I hooked it up, and as it’s still running macO2 10.12, and still had Evocam installed, it could be left to look after itself. And after the usual muttering about cables[1] I got it sorted out, and Tiggercam is now live. I might even look at getting a less rubbish webcam for it…

Tiggercam - now live

Tiggercam – now live

[1] It’s the way that they always manage to wrap themselves around each other…

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