December 2017 Round-up

December has just about given up and is making a quiet exit, so it has to be time for the ever-popular monthly summary.


More of those random wossnames:

December 1: 231.6 pounds (16 stone 7.6 pounds, 105.1 kg)
December 31: 226 pounds (16 stone 2 pounds, 102.5 kg)

That’s an actually quite noticeable drop of 5.6 pounds (2.5kg), and if the month had had the decency to end a couple of days early, it would have been an even more noticeable drop of 7 pounds (3.2kg).


There has been a bit of that, it’s quite common at this time of year, you know


A few more moderate walks. More needed!


It looks like the monthly total will be a quite large for these days 43


Not a lot of stuff right now. Maybe later.

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