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Having got the catalog sorted with Dropbox, today was the first test of my new system. And after importing the photos, I had a thought. Yes, I know, I should be careful about doing things as risky as that, but I just couldn’t help it.

My thought was this: while keeping the whole photo library on Dropbox wasn’t going to be a good plan (it’s too big for my 1TB plan, for a start), how about just keeping the current year’s photos on Dropbox? This works for me, because my images are arranged by date (Images – Year – Month – Date. So all I had to do was create an Images folder within my existing Dropbox Lightroom folder and move the 2018 images (just those taken today, basically) into there. I thin told Lightroom where to find them and could then get on with editing on my MacBook while Dropbox gets on with synchronising them to the cloud where they’ll also sync to the  iMac.

The advantage of this approach is that it cuts out the step of having to move images imported to the MacBook, as they’ll already be in the right place. At the end of the year, I’ll move the 2018 images to the iMac and start a 2019 folder on Dropbox.

So long as I don’t create more than a few hundred gigabytes of images in any given year, this should work just fine. Of course the “make sure you wait for it to sync” thing still applies, though if there is a lag, the worst you’ll have to deal with is Lightroom moaning about missing images rather than a borked catalog.

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