February 2018 Round-up

February has decided to go out in a very snowy manner, but that’s not going to let you off the monthly report…


Quite remarkably, I’ve kept up the downward trend this month:

February 1: 220.9 pounds (15 stone 10.9 pounds, 100.2 kg)
February 28: 210.8 pounds (15 stone 0.8 pounds, 95.6 kg)

That’s a quite impressive drop of 10.1 pounds (4.6 kg).


I’ve stuck with the smaller lunches, and walking at least a little bit most lunchtimes. Combined with the lack of drinkies (would you believe I’ve had no wee drinkies at all this month?), this seems to be having an effect…


Only a couple of trips out with the camera, but I did walk a bit in Manchester.


Another moderately quiet month, with this post taking the total to 37. Which is still more than one a day…


I seem to have got another lens. And changes are still coming, but I won’t be going into that for a while longer…

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