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David Wingrove – Monsters of the Deep (Chung Kuo 9)

It was just over four years ago that I mentioned The White Mountain, the eighth of a projected twenty books in David Wingrove’s expanded, edited and republished epic future history, Chung Kuo.

After that, it went a bit quiet, as the publisher, not happy with the volume of sales, pulled the plug and declined to produce any more of the series. Wingrove promised that the series would return, but nothing seemed to be happening. But what’s this? It’s back! I somehow missed this when it appeared in October[1], but as soon as I realised it was available I hit the “put this on my Kindle NOW” button, and here it is. It’s now being published by David Wingrove’s own company, so this time there shouldn’t be any cancellation issues. The previous eight volumes have been reissued in paperback and Kindle form, so you can catch up if you missed them earlier.

And things are continuing to develop – this being a kind of “middle of the series” volume, it’s more about consolidation, slowly drawing threads together and characters than major plot developments, but it’s very readable, and likely to leave fans twitching until the next one appears.

One thing to note: there’s a problem with the Kindle edition where a chapter appears at the end of the book (after the usual appendices) instead of in its proper place. This may cause confusion – I’ve reported the issue, and I’m sure other readers have too…

[1] Amazon didn’t shout at me for some reason