A short update

Weight:  177.3 pounds (12 stone 9.3 pounds, 80.4 kg)
Steps: 2.037

I’ll be posting these things when things happen, which won’t necessarily be every day.

Anyway, following yesterday’s epic post, it’s time for a quick update. I now have some more appointments:

Monday 21 May: At the Royal Victoria Infirmary for a few days. I’ll be having a tube installed to allow me to be fed. This involves me being trained to use it (there’s a pump involved, apparently). I’ll be there until that’s all working as it should – probably two or three days.

Thursday 24 May: Meeting the oncologist at the Freeman hospital. This will be an initial discussion on the treatment plan, details of expected side-effects, and anything else that comes to mind.

And if I happen to be still in the RVI on Thursday, transport will be arranged for me!

And err, that’s it so far…

3 thoughts on “A short update

  1. Keith

    Cheers for the update Les. Good news on transport, but do let me know when or if there isn’t any available. Keith’s Kabs happy to help – only a text away (unless I’m in Scotland…) ?.


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