Hanging in there…

It seems like a good time for an update…

On Monday 21 May, I arrived at the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary and was deposited in a waiting room while they worked out where to put me. After some confusion, I ended up in a 6-bed room in Ward 44.

After a short wait, a trolley arrived to take me down to Endoscopy, where I was sedated and had a tube inserted in my nose and down into my stomach. Sedation is definitely the way to go for this kind of thing.

I was then returned to the ward, and not long afterward, my tube was connected to a bag of stuff and a pump (tiny electronic thingy), set to deliver nutrients at an initial rate of 20ml per hour.

Sleeping wasn’t too good – I struggled to get comfortable, there was a lot of noise, and it was all a bit odd.

On Tuesday 22 May, I was able to take my nutrient stand for a walk down the corridor and have a wash before settling in my chair.  To add to the fun, they added a vitamin drip to my arm. The nosebag was disconnected for a few hours in the late afternoon. Before that, I had a visit from my old (nearly as old as me) friend Kevin (not to be confused with any other Kevins who may be reading this).

I was reconnected in the early evening with the flow rate increased to 30ml per hour (this was corrected to 35ml per hour this morning). I managed to sleep a lot better this time. I still woke up a few times in the night, but didn’t have any trouble getting back to sleep.

Today, Wednesday 23 May, has been much the same so far, though with added orange juice. Errr, I’ve been drinking it, not having it squirted into me.

Tomorrow will have a bit more variety – watch out for the next exciting update.

9 thoughts on “Hanging in there…

  1. Sue pell

    Never mind faffing about with electronic thingys Robert’s shortel is not working. Well you can imagine!!! Glad you are not getting squirted anymore ooh are mister x Much love woozy x

  2. RobertH

    Be glad they’re doing all that at *this* end. Messing about with the other end (as I can attest) is much more unpleasant.

    Not more painful, just unpleasant.

    Never mind. On second thought this is too much like “look on the bright side” which always pissed me off going through this.

  3. Eriiiiiiiiiiiiiic

    Wishing I were in a position to wing it to England and bring a choice song mix to share in that lovely sounding health spa. Alas, perhaps next month.


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