A plan has been made

Today, Thursday 24 May, I had a ride in an ambulance[1] to the Freeman Hospital, where I had a meeting with an oncologist.

After a discussion about the planned treatment and its possible side-effects, I was given a brief examination (lungs and heart appear to be operational), had a further discussion then signed the appropriate form.

I’ll be having a series of treatment cycles. Each starts with a day visit to the Freeman Hospital where drugs will be infused into a vein. I will then have pills to take at home for three weeks, then back to the start. The current plan is for eight of these cycles, and my next visit is scheduled for 28 June.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the cancer and either stop or restrict further growths. It’s not a “cure” as such – more an effort to prolong and improve my life.

So I think it’s a good time to quote the wonderful Terry Pratchett, who when faced with his own medical embuggerance[2], quoted his sublime character Granny Weatherwax

I aten’t dead

And I’ll aim to keep it that way. Updates as things happen.

[1] Disappointingly, the kind with seats rather than a blues and twos emergency job.  The taxi for the return journey was even less thrilling.

[2] Again, his own words

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