May 2018 Round-up

Well, that’s May out of the way, and hasn’t it been an interesting month?


Yes, well. The apparently rapid weight loss of previous months turned into a catastrophic and distinctly unhealthy weight loss, thanks to the medical nastiness.

May 1:  187.6 pounds (13 stone 5.6 pounds, 85.1 kg)
May 31:  176.4 pounds (12 stone 8.4 pounds, 80 kg)

That’s an alarming drop of 11.2 pounds (5.1 kg), though a bit of an upward trend is now going on.


That’s kind of a past tense thing for me now, as I’m getting all my nutrition via a tube that’s been shoved up my nose.


The eating issues led to me getting very run down, to the point where my energy level could be best described as “non existent”. Picking up a bit now, but I don’t anticipate managing any long walks in the near future.


If you’ve been reading my recent updates, you’ll understand that I’ve got rather a lot on my mind, which accounts for having just ten posts this month.


A couple of months ago, I was hinting about changes to come – this related to my job, but for the time being we can ignore that, as something rather more serious came up (see recent updates). Updates will continue to appear as things happen.

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