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June 2018 Round-up

That’s June out of the way, and it’s been another interesting month…


The weight loss continued for a while, accelerated by some nasty side-effects of my medical treatment, which led to a not at all well and dehydrated Les spending several days on a drip in the Freeman Hospital. The upside of this was that the condition I was in led to me losing the dreaded nasal tube and having a stent fitted instead, which has led to a major improvement in my quality of life. Anyway, the figures:

June 1:  176.8 pounds (12 stone 8.8 pounds, 80.2 kg)
June 30:  171.4 pounds (12 stone 3.4 pounds, 77.7 kg)

That’s a drop of 5.4 pounds (2.4kg), but my weight is gradually rising now.


Yes, well, that’s all changed, and I’m now eating actual food again, with no tubes in evidence.


Still not being as active as I used to be, but working on it.


I’ve managed 22 posts this month, which is the most for a while.


Interesting things continue to happen…

Robert Rankin – A Dog Called Demolition

Yes, it’s another entry in the Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon.  This one dates back to 1996, and just for laughs, each chapter begins with a quote or two and a piece of poetry. But once you get past those, it’s much the usual fun and games from there.

It’s another stand-alone novel, which features invisible aliens, lots of violent (and messy) death, a mysterious government department and lots of nice juicy footnotes. And lots of silliness, atrocious gags and all the usual Rankin self-referential stuff.

Not only that, but it comes complete with a soundtrack. Well, a list of songs at the end, anyway. This is a bit silly, but as it includes This Corrosion by the Sisters of Mercy, I’m inclined to allow it.

Now wasn’t that nice?

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 June 2018

Weight:  171.6 pounds (12 stone 3.6 pounds, 77.8 kg)

Good stuff, weight up a wee bit today…

I had the happily no longer needed nasal feed supplies taken away today  :tigger:

Breakfast was the usual, featuring Weetabix.

For lunch, I had some Ritz crackers with garlic and herb Philadelphia, two packs of Quavers, a Time Out bar and apple juice. This was followed by the near traditional quarter of a honeydew melon.

Dinner was a microwaved chilli con carne, which I livened up a bit with a quick attack of my hot chilli grinder (a useful mix of spices), which made it quite nice. This was accompanied by a glass of cream soda, and followed by a Solero. Any allegations concerning Mars bars will be unconvincingly denied, of course.

Weight and Stuff Report – 28 June 2018

Weight:  171 pounds (12 stone 3 pounds, 77.6 kg)
Steps: 1,385

Breakfast was the usual combo including Frosties.

I had a medical appointment at 12:00, which involved blood being removed from my arm (again, mutter). I followed this with visits to Boots (prescription) and Argos (mattress protector), and then came home. It was a wee bit warm out, which probably contributed to me feeling a wee bit knackered by the time I got home.

I was tired enough to just sit and do nothing for an hour or so once I got in. After that little rest, it was time for a bit of lunch, which included three more of those crepes, two packs of Quavers and a Time Out bar, together with some apple juice.

A wee bit later, I had a quarter of a honeydew melon, then relaxed for a bit before starting work on a Secret Project which I’ll reveal in due course.

Dinner was another of those quite nice cottage pies (surprisingly good for 79p!) with some cream soda. And after a little break I had a Solero and may have accidentally eaten a Mars bar as well.

Weight and Stuff Report – 27 June 2018

Weight:  171.8 pounds (12 stone 3.8 pounds, 77.9 kg)

Down another wee bit today, which I can only attribute to my digestive system being a bit, umm, enthusiastic this morning. Seems a lot calmer now, anyway…

Breakfast was the usual combination, today featuring Weetabix.

For lunch, following the digestive issues, I wasn’t too hungry, but I managed a couple of crepes with chocolate filling, a couple of packs of Quavers and some apple juice, followed by a drop more apple juice and a Time Out wafer.

Dinner was, ummm, well. Shall we say “less successful”? I had much the same as yesterday – fresh ravioli (the second half of the pack) with a stir-in sauce. But this time, it didn’t seem to be settling, and sure enough, up it popped. This was the first time a meal has done that to me since I started eating again. I’m wondering if yesterday’s pasta was the reason why my stomach felt odd for much of today. So, I’ll cross that off the list of “things Les should eat” and have something safer tomorrow.

Hair today….

…gone, well, today

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Camera: X70
Aperture: ƒ/6.4
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Focal length: 18.5mm
ISO: 1600
Taken: 27 June, 2018

Well, it was like this. The other day, I started shedding hair in the shower, and since then I’ve seen increasing amounts of hair on my pillow in the mornings. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later (though I was expecting it to be a bit later than this, to be honest), and once it started, there was only one thing to do.

I dug out my long-unused hair clippers yesterday, and put them on to charge overnight. And I set them to a rather close setting and, well, you can see the result.

Robert Rankin – The Garden of Unearthly Delights

What’s this? Could it be? Is it really? Well, so it seems. It’s a resumption of the sanity-risking Great Robert Rankin Re-read-athon, last seen in thse parts back in November 2016. Now I’m not claiming to have restored my sanity, but perhaps I’ve reached the point where endangering it doesn’t seem like a major issue any more, so here we go.

This one isn’t part of any ongoing trilogies, being a one-off experiment to write something a bit different. Well, it is different in that it involves a Hero on an Epic Quest, but it’s pure Rankin in the profusion of old gags, self-referential nonsense and extreme silliness.

The fun all starts when the earth shifts from the Age of Technology into a new age of something quite different. Not that anyone realises that’s what’s happened until it’s all too weird.

Maxwell Karrien, transformed into Max Carrion, Imagineer, is a nicely suitable hero in that he’s a devious lying bastard who keeps getting into ridiculous, if not impossible situations. Many people he meets on his Quest are not what they seem, though others definitely are.

It’s all very silly, and I enjoyed reading it again.

Weight and Stuff Report – 26 June 2018

Weight:  172.2 pounds (12 stone 4.2 pounds, 78.1 kg)

Hmmm, down a pound today, not sure where that went…

I was awake at 6am, but feeling disinclined to actually get up, so I got myself an espresso and took it back to bed.

That didn’t stop me having another espresso when I did get up.

Breakfast was the now standard combination, featuring Frosties today.

I had a visit from a friend, during which I might have had another espresso.

My Tesco food delivery arrived as planned, so I’ve now got a wider selection of things to eat, which has to be a Good Thing. Lunch was Ritz and Philadelphia again, but this time it was the garlic and herb variety to make things a bit more interesting. Quavers may have been involved.

Dinner, which I’ve just finished, was some fresh pasta – beef and red wine ravioli with a sweet pepper stir-in sauce, which was very tasty, as well as being the closet I’ve got to cooking an evening meal in a very long time.

I suspect something of the ice cream persuasion may follow…

Weight and Stuff Report – 25 June 2018

Weight:  173.2 pounds (12 stone 5.2 pounds, 78.6 kg)
Steps: Not a lot

Good stuff – weight back up by 0.8 pounds (0.4kg), which is a step in the right direction.

I started the day with not one but two double espressos (it seemed like that kind of day), which may have been accompanied by a custard cream biscuit. Or two.

For breakfast, I had two Weetabix with the usual sliced peaches, milk and sugar, accompanied by a yoghurt and some apple juice.

I thought I’d have something a bit different for lunch, so had some Ritz crackers with Philadelphia soft cheese and my last bag of Quavers. And a little later, I had the last quarter of my honeydew melon, which I followed with the end of the bottle of cream soda.

Those lasts prompted me to do some shopping. So, I’ll be having a Tesco delivery tomorrow – I’m stocking up on a few things, buying larger quantities of things I just got samples of last week, and generally getting a good selection of supplies. I’ve sort of decided to go for delivery for my main shopping from now – much easier than carrying lots of bags, and means I can order more stuff than I actually could carry (especially in my current state). I’ll still do odd bits of top-up shopping, though.

Tonight’s main meal was a microwaved shepherd’s pie, which was actually pretty tasty, with some apple juice to wash it down. This was followed by the traditional Solero, and quite possibly a Mars bar.