Actual positive progress

So, yesterday, Monday 18 June, I was collected from the Freeman Hospital by what was described as a “hospital taxi” – actually a volunteer ambulance driver with a car. I arrived at the Endoscopy department of the RVI before most of the staff – not long after 7:30, so had a bit of a wait.

After the usual paperwork and consent form, I was taken through to a room at around 8:30, had a brief chat with the doctor in charge and was given some sedation. It must have been good stuff, because the last thing I was aware of was lying down and having a mouth guard inserted.

The next I knew, I was in the recovery room with no nasty tube in my nose  :tigger: .

I was told that am 8cm stent had been inserted and all seemed ok. After a short time for recovery, I was collected (in a wheelchair, I wasn’t going to do anything silly like trying to walk) and returned to the Freeman. Only drawback- they’d needed my single room for another patient, so I’m now in a four-bed bay. But it’s a lot quieter than the one I was in at the RVI, so it’s not so bad.

First order of business was to try drinking some water. And  :tigger: it works! This had been a tricky operation – sip, wait for inevitable burp, sip, repeat (repeat?? see what I did there?). Failure to wait resulted in the next sip coming right back with maximum wind power. But now? I can drink liquids like a normal person again!

The pleasure of drinking cold water should never be underestimated. It’s so nice, and I can refill my jug from the cooler whenever I like.

I suck with water for the rest of the day. Well, water and some supplements I was prescribed, delivered in soluble form.

Today, a dietitian came to see me and told me to start on a puréed diet for today. Lunch was served – it was described as “Potato and onion gratin in cheese sauce with cauliflower and broccoli”. Well, it looked like this:



It was mushy (as you’d expect) and a bit lacking in actual flavour, but as the first real meal I’ve had in ages, it was quite wonderful. The little pot of ice cream that came with it was pretty damn excellent too.

I’ll be having something similar later, and I’ve just filled in my menu request for tomorrow, when I’ll move to what’s described as “fork mashable” meals. More ice cream may be involved.

And on Thursday I should be fine to have some Rice Krispies for breakfast!

I’m feeding a lot happier now, as you might guess. While the feeding tube was fulfilling the function of keeping me alive, it wasn’t at all pleasant to live with – quite apart from being a horrible lump hanging out of my nose, having to be tethered to a pump for ten hours every night wasn’t enjoyable.

I’ll probably be discharged from here on Thursday or thereabouts, which will be followed by some food shopping.

Stay tuned for more food reports.

The idea now is for me to regain some of the lost weight and get into a generally more healthy state.

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