Home again

First, time for a weight report. On Wednesday 13 June, this was my weight:

Weight:  168.5 pounds (12 stone 0.5 pounds, 76.4 kg)

Which is lower than I’ve been since the 1980s, and frankly not a good look (bones sticking out all over).

Now after being rehydrated, remineralised and actually given real food, the figure is a slightly less disturbing:

Weight:  176.6 pounds (12 stone 8.6 pounds, 80.1 kg)

A gain of 8.1 pounds (3.6 kg). Now I never thought I’d be happy to report gaining that much weight in a week, but I’m also-bloody-lutely delighted!

Having successfully managed two meals on Tuesday, and breakfast on Wednesday, the hospital was quite keen to show me the door, subject to some blood results. Well, the results were good enough to let me go, and it was arranged. I had time for lunch (cottage pie with veg – soft, rather than a pureed lump, and some ice cream) and dinner (creamed chicken with potato and yes, more ice cream).

After a wait for my medication to be sorted out (I’ve been given some mineral supplements to take for the next few days, anti-sickness medication for when or if I need it, and pain killers[1] if I need those) and my discharge letter to be prepared, I was collected by Aaron, who took me home via Tesco’s so I could do some food shopping. I’ve got myself a good selection for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and snacks, so I can carry on eating, which seems like a good idea.

I had an early night, and slept reasonably well. It was nice sleeping in my own bed without the tube and the gently murmur of the feed pump.

When I got up this morning, I did two important things:

  1. Strip the bed – long overdue, I just haven’t had the energy to do it for a while
  2. Have my first espresso for a long time. This was just as good as I hoped, as was the second one!

I caught up with some paperwork, deleted a load of emails and then had a shave[2], a shower and some breakfast, which consisted of:

  1. 2 Weetabix with lots of milk and some sugar
  2. A Greek style (apparently) lemon flavour yoghurt
  3. Lovely mineral supplements
  4. Apple juice

And, err, that’s all there is to report for now.

[1] Including some industrial-strength stuff that I hope I won’t need, but it’s good to know is there
[2] Yes, actual shave, not just beard trim. Nice to be able to without the tube in the way

6 thoughts on “Home again

  1. RobertH

    I miss coffee.
    Nice to hear you can finally eat. Isn’t it amazing how good ordinary things taste?
    Hope things continue in the positive direction.

  2. Rick Gasper

    I lost 50lbs the first time I had chemo (I was 6 ft and down to 140 lbs after the chemo, :yes: I was all skin and bones), I lost it in two months. I also lost 40lbs the second time I had cancer. I don’t recommend it as a method to lose weight. do yourself a favor and start taking slow walks. Keep hydrated and eat small meals. You can beat this… :!!!: :!!!:

  3. John Etie

    Excellent news all around. I am very glad things are looking up. What is the name of the device that has allowed you to resume swallowing? Who would have thought such a basic ability would turn out to be so essential?

  4. Paul Bowen

    :clap: Morning mate. I spoke to Geoff last night and he told me of your developments. So pleased to read all the details just now. Really good news about the weight and the fact that you’re back home. ?
    Take care and onwards and upwards
    Cheers Butty
    Paul ?


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